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About Track & Trace Info

  • Track & Trace Info is one of the products that is built and maintained by the programmers of Loginet. Loginet is located on the campus of the Amsterdam Science Park. Loginet develops many applications for the transportation industry and at the same time maintains a large server park.
  • On Track & Trace Info information is exchanged about delivery dates and statuses.
  • Track & Trace Info is accessible for everyone. Expected times and statuses on Track & Trace Info are constantly modified in real time.
  • Information for Track & Trace Info can be imputed either manually or digitally.
  • Companies using EDI, XLS or XML files can make free use of our extensive EDI configuration systems and upload facilities.

Advantages of Track & Trace Info

  • For receivers:
    • On-line insight information into the actual time of delivery.
    • The possibility to be informed about the delivery time in advance, through email, Twitter or text message (SMS).
    • A clear delivery overview of all your outstanding transports on-line.
  • For transporters:
    • Improvement of your efficiency.
    • Less rescheduled transports, less wasted time and less costs.
    • Personalized communication, quality improvement, better positioning of your brand inside the transport market.
    • Easy imports and exports from and to your TMS, WMS and FMS.
  • For consignors:
    • All time information of your shipments at one central location.
    • Unambiguous communication to all your customers.
    • Easy digital (EDI)input of your transport information.
    • Better service to your customers, so more customer satisfaction.